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Saturday delivery volunteer information


We could not fulfill the mission of this ministry without volunteers like you.  We can’t thank you enough for helping us share the love of Christ with those in need.

New Life Warehouse spreads the love of Jesus by delivering household goods to clients who are transitioning into new homes. Among others, these clients might be foster families, refugee families, homeless people who have just received a place to stay, or trafficking victims. These clients are referred to us by various local agencies, including Salvation Army, Lutheran Services, CarePortal, Idlewild, Hillsborough House of Hope, and others.

We collect donated household goods and furniture and then deliver these items to our clients on our Delivery Saturdays. The items are staged in the warehouse (arranged by delivery) on Friday so that they’re ready to be loaded and delivered the next day.

When you come to volunteer here’s what you can expect:

Meeting Time & Location

We meet at 9:00am at our warehouse, which is located in the parking lot of Grace Family Church Carrollwood campus – 5100 West Waters Ave – Tampa, FL 33634.

Check In

ALL volunteers must ALWAYS check in at the Sign-in Table and receive a name tag.  (If you are coming for the first time we’ll have you sign a waiver that morning.)  Volunteers with trucks should write TRUCK on the bottom of their nametag.

Assignment & Team

Once you have your name tag, you can proceed to the Assignment Table, where you will be assigned to a Delivery Team.  Our Delivery Teams are led by experienced volunteers.  Delivery Teams are formed based on the types of vehicles needed for each delivery.  (For example, a whole home delivery might require 2-3 trucks and 3-4 SUV’s).

Delivery Team

When the Delivery Team is formed, the Team Lead will make sure each person on the team takes a picture of their team’s Delivery Form, which will include all team members’ cell phone numbers, along with the client delivery address.

Loading the Delivery

Once a team is formed they may enter the warehouse.  We will allow two teams in at a time.  Once in the warehouse, the teams will start loading the deliveries into team vehicles.  When the delivery is fully loaded, the caravan will head out to make the delivery.  The Team Lead will contact the client via text to ensure the home or apartment will be open.

Arrival at Client Home

Upon arrival, all furniture and home items will be taken out of the delivery vehicles and placed in the home, room by room. Any furniture that needs to be assembled will be done onsite.  Each delivery is usually completed in under 2 hours.

Delivery Completed

After everything is delivered and in place, our volunteers will present the recipients with age-appropriate Bibles for everyone in the home, and then pray with them.  Volunteers can then leave from that location and be done for the day.  There is no need to return to the warehouse after the delivery.

Volunteer Guidelines
  • Wear Closed Toe Shoes when volunteering in the warehouse.
  • Bring water to drink to stay hydrated.
  • Use straps to secure loads in trailers and trucks.
  • Avoid tow zones when parking at delivery sites.
  • Never remove items from a family’s home for dump or donation.  It is against our policy to take unwanted items from a family’s home to the dump, and we do not accept unwanted items from a family to be donated to the warehouse.
  • Never be alone with a family member in a room with the door closed.
  • Always have 2 or more volunteers on each delivery.
  • If a client asks for financial assistance, or for additional furniture items or assistance, please refer them back to New Life Warehouse or to their social worker.